Quality Control Assurrance:

Quality Statement: 
Brilex Industries, Inc. is committed to supplying quality products, on-time, with exceptional customer service that satisfies our customers' requirements.  Our mission is to provide value through continuous improvement in our people, processes and capabilities.
Continuous Improvement Process
Brilex fosters a continuous improvement culture and is manned with over 12 certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt employees.


Quality Certifications
Program audited to and in compliance with ASME Section VIII, Div. 1
National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel ASME U Stamp.
Quality System Manual & Procedures
Brilex’s overall Quality Management System has been developed to the equivalent of ISO quality standard guidelines. Our Quality System meets the requirements of our diverse customer base.  

Quality Personnel


All measuring and Test Equipment has Unique ID Bar coded number and calibrated Standards used for calibration traceable to NIST
Quality Data Records

  1. Manufacturing Process Plan (Inspection Sign-off and Hold points)
  2. Material Tracking List
  3. Certified Material Test Reports
  4. NDE Reports (as required)
  5. As-Built Dimensions (as required)
  6. Final Visual & Paint Inspection Report

Portable Coordinate Measuring Machines

FARO Arm Platinum
FARO Arm Platinum8’ measuring range • 6° of Freedo Probe •  .0014” volumetric accuracy•  .0017” single point repeatability • adaptable 3D CAD • scanning and measurement technology •  temperature sensing •  SPC output • magnetic and vacuum bases
FARO Arm Platinum 2

FARO Laser Tracker ION
180’ measuring range •  270°x 125° measurement envelope •  .0019” at 32’ volumetric accuracy •  adaptable 3D CAD •  scanning and measurement technology • high performance, real time dynamic measurements •  self-compensating for temperature, air pressure and humidity • SPC output
FARO Laser Tracker ION

TESA-Hite 700
27’ measuring range • parallelism, perpendicularity, and flatness measurements • .001” repeatability •
SPC output

Leak Detection
Varian Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector
5 x 10 12 mbar l/s •  atm cc/sec • 5 x 1013 Pam3/sec minimum detectable leak • 12mbar •  10 Torr • 1330 Pa maximum test pressure •  automated or manual, to internal or external leak calibration routine •  RS232 output

Hardness Testers
• Equo-tip 2 -HL, HS, HV, HRB, and HRC hardness test ranges
• Wilson- RC and BHN hardness test ranges

Standard Test and Metrology Equipment

• Granite Surface Plates. 10’ x 6’ and 6’ x 4’
• Hand tools. Comprehensive inventory of certified indicators, depth gages, micrometers (ID, OD), calipers, bore gages, height gages, bar gages, gage blocks, line standards, thread gages and isometric blocks.
• Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant & Weld Testing Gages

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