One key to Brilex Industries' Success is our fabrication efficiency. Controlling the costs of a project begin at the initial stage.. fabrication.

For that reason Brilex has developed the most efficient layout and has invested heavily to maximize our value. Burning plates up to 12'' thick, fitting on machined tables, welding on positioners, thermal or vibratory stress relieving shot blasting, painting and inspection, all in one straight line... and all in-house. We have the ability to handle most any heavy plate fabrication. We also are fabricators of large steel component parts, we service the textile, electromechanical and custom tank fabrication industry. Brilex takes pride in its rebuilding and repair division that services many industries, just call for more information.

Brilex Industries is able to offer competitive fabrication and manufacturing of, high quality plate, structural, carbon, alloy and stainless steel fabrication. We do offer many CNC machining options as well. Large Diameter turning we do that. Check out our machining page for more information.

For more information regarding our capabilities see our Equipment Listing located on the Brilex "Company Brochure".

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CNC Oxyfuel Burning

Stress Relieving

Shot Blasting


Machined Steel Fitting & Layout Tables

Welding Positioners

Welding Power Sources & Wire Feeders

Robotic Welding Station

For a complete listing of our Facility & Equipment, this is our latest version of our facilities capabilities. There are content changes to our plethora of machining capabilities, please contact us for the most up to date information available.